Kitchen Makeovers - Sydney

What is a kitchen makeover?

A kitchen makeover can be a cheaper way of sprucing up your old kitchen but you need a specialist company like We Do Kitchens to get a makeover job done properly. 

If your happy with your existing kitchen layout and it can’t be dramatically improved by installing a new kitchen then a kitchen makeover may by an option for you, providing your existing cabinets are less than 20 years old and are in reasonable condition. The term makeover means that we keep your existing cabinets in place and we simply remove and replace old doors, panels and bench tops.

We Do Kitchens can make your old kitchen look new again.  

Not all makeovers done by other kitchen companies end up looking like a brand new kitchen. We know that some of our competitors run into horrible situations in the middle of a makeover just because they failed to properly assess the job to see if a makeover was even feasible.           

Our people know exactly what to look for and our people understand that our customers will expect to get a brand new kitchen look.

We can include:                                                                                                                                     

NEW doors. panels, bench tops, hinges, handles, drawers and splashbacks if required.

For a professionally designed and installed kitchen contact We Do Kitchens Today!